These aren’t Halloween crafts, but some are scary!

By Kerry

All of today’s projects were scanned from the Fall-Winter 1963-64 issue of McCall’s Needlework & Crafts. I have a few of these old magazines, and McCall’s always sticks to the same formula. They put the all the relatively normal, knit & crochet projects up front. However, the deeper you get into the magazine, the…odder…the projects become.

For example, this crocheted rose muff and headband set is right up front:
Rose Muff and Headband
That is adorable. I’d totally rock this if it wasn’t a million degrees in Florida all the time.

But, then there are projects like this:
Hedwig Planter
McCall’s refers to her as the “Market Woman Planter.” But, I can’t look at this project without thinking Hedwig. Which only makes me want to make one even more.

And, who wouldn’t want a Puppet Pal Purse, that “provides droll entertainment as well as totes?” Yeah, I’m going to take a pass on this one:
Puppet Pal Purse

While we’re frightening children, why not let them make a few crafts, too? You know, like an irate lunch tray face – or a scary one-eyed clown:
Scary Kids Crafts

*shudder* Let’s move on to greener pastures…

I was glad to see that as early as 1964, upcycling was already a trend in crafting. Check out this ad for a fabulous garbage poodle:
Pierre the Poodle

Or, how about a prancing pink Circus Pony made out of an old Wesson oil bottle? (The instructions were very specific in name-checking Wesson). You fill the pony with after-dinner mints for the holiday tablescape. I REALLY want to make one of these. C’mon a pink pipe cleaner tail? How can I not?
Prancing Pony Mints

So, what do you guys think? Which of these crafts would you want proudly displayed in your home? Yes, you have to pick one.

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Wow, those are certainly. . .special. As freaky as those clowns are, that poodle is something that won’t come out of my head anytime soon. It’s so, so ugly (yet eco-friendly, I guess?).


What is up with those weird carpet clowns?!?


I have several potential Pierre the Poodles just waiting to be crafted in the cabinet below my kitchen sink. And to think, I was going to take all those bags back to Walmart for recycling!

This has me thinking…fifty years from now, are people going to look back on the shit we’re crafting now and be horrified?