Best Podcasts About Music

By Kerry

Best Music Podcasts

As you know by now, I really like podcasts. If you’re ever in need of a podcast recommendation, I’ll be happy to give you one (or twenty). I’ve been really into music podcasts lately, so I thought I would share what I believe to be are the best podcasts about music:

our debut album podcast

I was ridiculously excited to find out that Our Debut Album is going to be a monthly podcast. Since I donate to the Maximum Fun podcast network (which airs Stop Podcasting Yourself – also hosted by Dave & Graham), I was able to hear the original pitch for this podcast as donors-only bonus content. I’ve been waiting for them to announce it as an on going podcast ever since! The premise is simple – Dave & Graham have one hour to write a hit song. They are extremely funny, while still taking the task seriously. Getting to be a fly on the wall for their creative process is the very best. Plus, the songs are so catchy! Check out the first song, a perfect summer jam called King of the Deep:

Song Exploder podcast

If you love music and exploring the creative process, you have to listen to Song Exploder. You get the stories behind why the songs were written and how they were recorded, from artists like Ghostface Killah, Death Cab For Cutie, Garbage, and The Lumineers.

switched on pop podcast

Switched On Pop is an in depth look at modern pop. The hosts are a musicologist and a songwriter, and they manage to be both academic and silly. I really adored their recent “Purple Lemonade” episode, which focused on Beyonce’s Lemonade and the one and only Prince. They point out things in the music that you might miss just casually (or event intently) listening to the songs.

Song by Song podcast

Full disclosure, I’m not a huge Tom Waits fan. However, the Song By Song podcast still captivates me. The hosts, Sam & Martin, are dedicating an episode to discussing each Tom Waits song. They are joined by various guest hosts along the way. The episodes are short – just 15 minutes (or less), and it’s like listening to friends better versed in music than you having a great conversation. Worth a listen whether you’re into Waits or not.

Between the Liner notes podcast

If you’re looking for something less chatty and more documentary style, Between the Liner Notes is an excellent choice. I highly recommend the latest episode on Castrati singers — fascinating! (Slightly off topic — if you’re interested in castrati singers and looking for movie suggestions, do yourself a favor and seek out Farinelli. It’s a gorgeous movie with a gorgeous soundtrack).

Do you have any favorite podcasts about music? Or, just let me know what you’re listening to lately — in podcast or music form.

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I’m late to the podcast party but you have quite the recommendation list!!! that’s awesome :)