Chock Full O’Links (March 4th Edition)

By Kerry


Fun stuff from inside the internet with a brilliant illustration of a kitty cat saying LOLIt’s been a long time in the making (due to being up to my eyelashes in work), but Chock Full O’Links are back! So, pull up a chair, and peruse the finest links that the ol’ internet has had to offer lately:

Weekly round up of cool links from the internet.
1. Finally got around to reading issue #1 of New Romancer. Whoa! I was not expecting the twist at the end. Recommended.

2. Into the Blue by Kylie Minogue has been my jam for the past few weeks…can anything take it’s place!?

3. Who volunteers to send me these Pancake Flavored Kit Kats? Somebody get on that!

4. First, she got me Bullet Journalling, now I’ve subscribed to the Feminist Sticker Club. Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Instagram is a glorious place, people.

5. I’ve finally become a hardcore gamer, and Borderlands 2 is my game of choice. This Siren tattoo is giving me heart eyes.

6. I want to have these embroidery-inspired cookies and eat them, too.

Bonus! Cool Things:

From the same mind that brought us 3D-Printed armor for Barbies and Cats, comes the Dice Citadel!

Will we ever solve the mystery of the pointy S doodle? I never doodled this (though I remember seeing it scribbled on book covers), did you?

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I loved the 1st issue of New Romancer! I have the second and third issues on my comic to-read pile. I so need to get to them!


That Barbie armor is AMAZING!!! Bullet journaling sounds pretty cool too.

Kelly Hinkle

OO! Thanks for the bullet journaling tip and for the mention! (and for being a part of our club.) <3