Chock Full O’Links (April 29th Edition)

By Kerry

Fun stuff from inside the internet with a brilliant illustration of a kitty cat saying LOL

I’m looking forward to a relaxing, fun weekend — but, this week wasn’t too shabby. I did get to see neat things on the internet! Here’s a rundown of my favorite things online this week…join me, won’t you?

roundup of cool stuff found online this week

1. I was entirely too excited to read that Our Debut Album will be a new monthly podcast. Every episode, Dave Shumka and Graham Clark from Stop Podcasting Yourself will try to write a hit song in 45 minutes. Subscribe, people!
2. DorkDisco on Etsy is selling a Nick Cave brooch AND a Jarvis Cocker brooch…both my 90s music crushes represented in glorious shrink plastic.
3. In awe of this beautiful embroidery inspired by the Japanese Kintsugi technique of repairing broken vases by artist Charlotte Bailey.
4. I’m a rebel, Dottie…and I love this Pee Wee Herman shirt.
5. Feeling inspired by this face quilting tutorial.
6. Four words – Enchanted Forest Wooden Ring. Unf!

That’s all I got. What’s been floating your proverbial boat this week?

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That ring is magical. As is the Jarvis Cocker brooch. Need. And Peewee forever! Did you see the new movie on Netflix. It was so great! I’m so sad my husband doesn’t get it. I guess it didn’t really play in QC when he was a kid.