Chock Full O’Links (March 18th Edition)

By Kerry

Fun stuff from inside the internet with a brilliant illustration of a kitty cat saying LOL

Friday already! Let’s not delay…BEHOLD, the links!

roundup of cool stuff found online this week

1. I have a serious case of bookshelf lust. Unf!

2. A new videogame where you can literally play as anything? I’m intrigued (admittedly, more intrigued by the concept than the actual game play footage…which looks dull).

3. *sigh* These animated GIF illustrations by @madeofsparrows are just dreamy.

4. As an accomplished hoarder of cute office supplies, these kawaii correction tapes are definitely on my radar.

5. This Sir George Martin documentary looks like it will be incredible!

6. These Neko Atsume cupcakes combine two of my favorite things.

Bonus! Cool Things:

How cute is this video of Emma Watson and Lin-Manuel Miranda rapping about gender quality? Answer: too cute.

…and while I’m fangirling, why not take a moment to appreciate how awesome John Boyega is:

That’s it! What amazing things did you spy among the interwebs this week?

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Hmmm, hadn’t heard of Everything before, but I’ve tried playing Mountain and I’ll be honest, I didn’t get it. Those correction tapes are great.