Chock Full O’Links (May 13th Edition)

By Kerry

Fun stuff from inside the internet with a brilliant illustration of a kitty cat saying LOL

Ooooo-eeee-oooooh! Wishing you all a spooky, ooky, kooky, and creepy Friday the 13th! I haunted the distant corners of the world wide web this week, to bring you the very best it has to offer.

roundup of cool stuff found online this week

1. Only 1% of lead movie roles go to Asian actors, which led to the #StarringJohnCho phenomenon. John Cho starring in movies like The Avengers or Jurassic World? Yes, please! Get on this, Hollywood.
2. Love this kid’s vintage Apple computer collection. I remember so many of those computers!
3. You know how much I adore a succulent, so I am all about these fanciful cactus wool felt brooches by hanaletters on Etsy.
4. Stop everything and watch this tiny kitten – named Mac N’Cheez – walk for the first time with a LEGO wheelchair.
5. Okay, here’s my nod to Friday the 13th. A scary link to the Polygraph database that contains 2,000 screenplays, broken down by gender and age. SPOILER ALERT: White dudes say EVERYTHING in movies.
6. Finally, I just thought this was a really cool idea. A candle with scents “meant to enhance your listening experience of some of your favorite albums.”

Did you see anything wonderful online this week? Let me know in the comments!

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I’m all for #StarringJohnCho! I’m still sad Selfie got cancelled. He and Karen Gillan were adorable in that show.