Chock Full O’Links (May 6th Edition)

By Kerry

Fun stuff from inside the internet with a brilliant illustration of a kitty cat saying LOL

It’s been a weird week around the Ramparts…and yet, I’ve still managed to spy some cool stuff on the internet (funny how that happens):

roundup of cool stuff found online this week

1. What could be cuter than a wee caterpillar that looks like a kitty cat?

2. Love design and typography? Check out these gorgeous neon letters.

3. You are not ready for the splendor of a glorious teenage Prince.

4. The Fangirl Crafter blew all our minds on May 4th with her crochet lightsaber scarves.

5. Succulents are the only plants I can manage to keep alive (though, even the odd succulent has perished under my “care”). So, I am all about this Succulent Society patch by MokuyobiThreads on Etsy.

6. Not only are these Matchbox Journals beautiful, the story behind them is absolutely lovely.

Did you find anything amazing online this week? Let me know in the comments!

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I’m in love with those scarves. And teenaged Prince, what a bae!


oh my gosh I forgot about your amazing link posts :)
neon letters = awesome
light saber scarf = hilarious
succulent patch= i need it :)