Entertain Me! Even. More. Podcasts!

By Kerry

podcast recommendations
It’s been a while since I recommended some podcasts, so I thought I would share a few more of my favorites.

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DeAnne Smith’s Questionable at Best
I was first introduced to DeAnne Smith in a hysterical episode of Stop Podcasting Yourself. So, I decided to give her podcast a try. Each episode, DeAnne explores one question (usually with a guest). The first episode I ever listened to was her conversation with an 8 year old girl (question: What are the kids up to these days?). I was sold. This podcast is sweet, funny, and DeAnne Smith has one of the most soothing voices ever:

The Allusionist thumbnail
The Allusionist
Speaking of soothing voices, Helen Zaltzman is one third of the team behind Answer Me This, which is a favorite of mine. When I heard she would be doing a separate podcast devoted to etymology, zing zing zing went my nerdy heartstrings! This podcast is short (approximately 15 minutes), which makes it a perfect listen for short breaks in your day:

Mortified thumbnail
Mortified is another short podcast, and if you’ve already seen the amazing Mortified Nation documentary, you’ll love the podcast. At live tapings across the country, people read their teenage writings (journals, letters, poems – all that cringe worthy stuff) out loud to an audience. This podcast will make you laugh until tears stream down your face – it’s angsty and relatable:

Pop Rocket thumbnail
I just recently discovered the Pop Rocket podcast. This is a weekly pop culture show, done in a roundtable format with four people. In addition to covering the cultural news of the week, they also each pick a Jam of the Week (which is a great way to find new music to listen to). If you’re looking for smart & funny cultural critique, here it is:

P.S. Many of these are NSFW due to language, so put your earbuds in (or don’t, if you’d rather scandalize those around you)!

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I had no idea Deanne Smith had her own podcast! I used to watch her do stand up all the time when she lived in Montreal. I also just discovered The Allusionist and love it beyond words. Helen Zaltzman rules. Are you a fan of Lexicon Valley? Kinda similar, but longer and a *little* more academic.


wow these are fun recommendations! :)