Free Halloween PaperToys from Dewmuffins!

By Kerry

Are you ready to get scary cute for Halloween? Because I’m thrilled to be sharing some scary cute awesomeness from dewmuffins today.

Just in time for Halloween, make your very own Ghost, Werewolf, and Scarecrow paper toys. Seriously, check these out:

Free printable paper toy halloween ghost by dewmuffins

Download Ghost Flavor by dewmuffins

Free printable paper toy halloween werewolf by dewmuffins

Download Werewolf Flavor by dewmuffins

Free printable paper toy halloween scarecrow by dewmuffins

Download Scarecrow Flavor by dewmuffins

I know what you’re thinking.

But, Kerry, I need even more of these adorably papery characters in my life!

How lucky are you? The fine folks over at dewmuffins have NINE more Candy Corn Citizens you can download for free and cut & fold to your Halloween-loving heart’s content.

I made the Ghost Flavor. And, because I am too impatient to search the house for the cardstock I surely own several sheets of, I printed my wee Ghost on regular copy paper. I like to think it makes for a more wispy wraith. (That being said, totally go with the suggestion and make these out of heavy paper…it will be loads easier). I know I’m going to have a little army of Candy Corn Citizens on my desk for the rest of the month.


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These are SO CUTE!


Kerry, thanks for posting. Have a cute Halloween!


OH MY GOODNESS these are so adorable! I think the little scarecrow guys is my favorite!