Free PDF Pattern: Vintage-Inspired Goat Embroidery

By Kerry

One of my personal goals this year is to do more creative projects. In an effort to get into a groove with it – and because structure helps me function – I decided to assign a monthly theme to base the projects around. This month, the theme is goats. Why goats? Funny you should ask. It ended up being goats by default due to a Spoonflower fabric design contest I entered (more on that in a future post). But, goats have loomed large in the Ramparts consciousness lately.

  • My Dad requested a goat for Heifer International as a Christmas gift last year, and we were more than happy to oblige.
  • After an amazing trip to Athens, GA last month, we’ve been daydreaming of moving up there and adopting three goats. Our imaginary goats are named Orthos, Porthos, and Merryweather (these are the first names that sprang to mind when I tried to remember the names of The Three Musketeers…kinda scary, right?).
  • Glenn went down the rabbit hole on YouTube watching baby goat videos, and he took me along with him. Seriously, how cute is this?
  • So, I decided to create a goat embroidery pattern based on the style of these vintage Vogart embroidery patterns. We brainstormed ideas for what goats are most well known for, and landed on stubborn or horny (because they have horns…get it?). Since we are apparently both still 12 years old, horny won.

    A fun fact we learned in researching goats: both male and female goats can have horns.


    Drawing the pattern was a collaborative effort – which is always tricky, as neither of us has any patience for creative endeavors. If something isn’t perfect within the first 5 minutes, we tend to flip tables. Thankfully, this went pretty smoothly.


    Free PDF Download Vintage-Inspired Goat Embroidery Pattern by Candyfloss Ramparts

    Click here to download the Free PDF Pattern Vintage-Inspired Goat Embroidery pattern.

    If you decide to stitch this up, please let us know – it would thrill us to no end!

    What have you been working on lately?

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    Baby goats in pajamas!!! What are you trying to do to me!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!


    Love the pattern!