Holiday TV Movie Bingo!

By Kerry

You may remember that every year I indulge in the seasonal wonder that is made for TV holiday movies. I even devote valuable real estate here on the blog to sharing my thoughts on these yuletide nuggets of Christmas cheese. So much so, in fact, that I’ve given these holiday gems their very own page on the blog.

If you love these movies as much as I do, you may be feeling a bit guilty about spending so much time curled up on the couch watching them. You could be wrapping gifts, trimming trees, or wassailing…when was the last time you got in a good wassail? Well, here is an activity you can do while you watch. I give you…

Holiday Movie BINGO!

Free printable TV Holiday Movie Bingo card

Just click here to download your free printable Candyfloss Ramparts Holiday Movie BINGO card!

Now you can do an activity while you watch – so no time is being wasted! Enjoy!

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