My first Spoonflower fabric design!

By Kerry

I’m super excited to have finally crossed a major creative “to do” off my list! I designed my first fabric for Spoonflower. If you’re not familiar with Spoonflower, it is an awesome website that lets you upload designs to be printed on fabric, wallpaper, or gift wrap – or you can shop the unique designs. The theme of this week’s contest is goats, and it really struck a chord with me. So, I created this design:

polka goats spoonflower fabric

It was such a thrill to see my design on a yard of fabric! The quality of the fabric and the printing are top-notch. The fabric did have a strong smell from the printing process, but that was taken care of with one wash.

If you want to vote for my design in the current contest, you can click right here. (They randomize the order of the entries, so you may have to scroll a while to get to my Polka_Goats).

Have you designed or purchased fabric from Spoonflower?

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I’m not going to lie. The goat makes me think of Jurassic Park. LOL


Voted! Good luck!


ok your goat post with the musketeer names was hilarious AND i love the goats in pjs video
congrats on getting your design printed and entered in the contest!
I’m pretty addicted to designing my own fabric, I want to get into prints more in between stuffed animal designs :)