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Are you reading Bitch Planet? You should be!

By Kerry

Title: Bitch Planet Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick Artist: Valentine De Landro Publisher: Image Comics, Inc. The premise: Bitch Planet is set in a future where women deemed “non-compliant” are blasted off Earth to their own special prison planet (complete with smiling pink hologram greeter). The atmosphere bears more than a passing resemblance to the exploitation […] Read more…

1980s Nostalgia…with a Feminist Twist

By Kerry

I’m a fan of feminism, and empowering everyone by empowering women. I even have a whole Pinterest board devoted to Fabulous Feminism. I was feeling inspired today, and I had some old Rainbow Brite bedsheets begging to be put to good use. So, I quickly stitched this up: Here’s a better look at the embroidery: […] Read more…