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Entertain Me! Rock Band 4 Announcement

By Kerry

We REALLY like Rock Band here at the Ramparts. We’ve been playing it from the beginning, and still play fairly regularly. One of the reasons we still play so often is the AMAZING folks over at Custom Creators Collective. They have been tirelessly cranking out awesome new (free!) content for the game ever since Harmonix […] Read more…

WIP Wednesday: Mod Podge Marvel Coasters

By Kerry

This week’s work in progress is this set of coasters made with beat up copies of Marvel comics & Mod Podge. (All comics were unfit for the collection in some way, so I decided to give them a new life). I think this Galactus one looks especially badass: I still have three more to make, […] Read more…

Nerd Block vs. Loot Crate

By Kerry

After being taunted by several pictures on Instagram and multiple unboxing videos, Mr. Candyfloss and I decided to try out Nerd Block and Loot Crate for the month of September. Obviously, it could get pricey to subscribe to both of these all the time, so we wanted to see which one provided the best bang […] Read more…