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Trashy Paperback Tuesday: Not Enough Trigger Warnings in the World

By Kerry

Two weeks ago, Mr. Candyfloss and I were out to lunch and the subject of problematic relationships in fiction came up (as we tried to puzzle out the appeal of 50 Shades of Grey). I brought up V.C. Andrews as the potential Queen of Problematic Relationships in Fiction – and quickly explained the bonkers plot […] Read more…

Trashy Paperback Tuesday: What’s Italian for Trashy?

By Kerry

Book Title: The Late Contessa Author: Dorothy Fletcher Year Published: 1971 Tagline: An unexpected legacy calls Barbara Loomis to a death-haunted Italian Villa. The Elevator Pitch: Italian travelogue meets Murder, She Wrote! 206 pages of sun-drenched villas and poisonings! Pretty well-written, and a great gothic novel to enjoy for Halloween. Though, they really tout the “Easy Eye” large type and […] Read more…

Trashy Paperback Tuesday: Oooo, witchy woman!

By Kerry

Trashy books aren’t all scandal and romance. Sometime’s they are something darker…more sinister. This week’s trashy pick is totally GOTHIC! Book Title: The Claws of the Crow Author: Ruth Wissmann Year Published: 1974 Tagline: Must I accept the unwanted gift – the legacy of evil – that was my birthright? The Elevator Pitch: Hey, witches are popular, how about Rosemary’s […] Read more…