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National Read A Romance Month

By Kerry

August is National Read A Romance Month! I love reading romance, and often get asked for recommendations from romance newbies – so I thought I would offer up a few of my favorites. I will warn you that almost all of these books are historical romance, since that’s my jam. Jane Austen You can’t go […] Read more…

Trashy Paperback Tuesday: Behold, The Future!

By Kerry

Yes, I have read this. Johanna Lindsey is my dealer of choice when it comes to crack-tastic romance novels. Book Title: Warrior’s Woman Author: Johanna Lindsey Year Published: 1990 Tagline: A Passion That Could Conquer Galaxies The Elevator Pitch: Conan meets Spaceballs. 422 pages of “wise-cracking” computers, “bronzed barbarians,” and the woman that loves them. […] Read more…

Cheesy Holiday Movie Review: Hitched for the Holidays

By Kerry

HITCHED FOR THE HOLIDAYS This movie made me realize just how petite Joey Lawrence is. Full Disclosure: No widows in this one either! However, there is a sick Grandma and a troubled Mother…so no lack of awkward feelings here! Plot: Joey Lawrence has Mommy-related baggage and a Grandma laying on the guilt thick, so he needs a […] Read more…