My Tomato Soupshake brings all the boys to the yard.

By Kerry

Better Homes and Gardens Snacks and Refreshments

All images scanned from Better Homes & Gardens Snacks and Refreshments – © Copyright 1963 by Meredith Publishing Company

First off, I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that the recipe is not in this book for whatever that glowing green beverage is on the cover. I have not adjusted the saturation on this image – that is radioactive green. However, there are still plenty of mind boggling recipes to explore. Starting with…

Tomato Soupshake

The TOMATO SOUPSHAKE. What’s in it? I’m glad you asked! It’s a can of condensed tomato soup, half-and-half, nutmeg, salt, and an egg (which is optional, thankfully). Just blend it all up, chill & serve! I’m supposing this is for those guests that you want to send a passive-aggressive signal to. They won’t be back.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about non-desserts masquerading as cakes and pies. Well, that must have been very trendy in the early 60s, because here it is again:

Frosted Ribbon Loaf

Yup, another cream cheese frosted loaf of bread with crazy fillings – in this case ham and egg. Though, who can resist a tomato rose?

Okay, so it’s 1963 and you’re entertaining in your home. You’ve served the Tomato Soupshake and the Frosted Ribbon Loaf, and INCREDIBLY, you’re guests are still at your house after 10pm. What to serve now? How about something light, you know, like…

Pickups for after 10pm

PIZZA! Now, I am a big fan of pizza – but even I would look askance at the idea of starting to eat pizza after 10pm. But that’s not even the end! There’s a whole section on “Mid-night Coffee Treats” including things like Ginger Muffins and Peanut-butter Waffles. When does it end? Do these guests never leave? Are they all doing shift work? Is this one of those weird key parties? Go home and make your own food, people!

Are you as confused as I am? If you HAD to try either the Tomato Soupshake or the Frosted Ribbon Loaf, which would it be? (Don’t worry, I won’t come to your house and hold you to it).

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I do think it was quite remiss of them to not have the recipe for the libations! You would def need SOMETHING to wash all that down! 😉


I want peanut butter waffles at midnight.


And tomato soupshake at…never.


I saw the title, and my response was, “I’m listening…” lol
Anything that quotes a song has to be special. These recipes seem… interesting to say the least! I wish the radioactive green drink had a recipe too! Sooo disappointing! Probably made with lime juice and kale or something. 😉 As far as what I’d rather try, I’d eat the frosted ribbon loaf. Though I’m not quite sure how that would be accomplished.