Trashy Book Bento

By Kerry

Last week, a friend pointed me in the direction of the @bookbento Instagram account, and I was instantly smitten.

I decided I had to give #bookbento a try, but you all know the types of books I love to read…so, I’m doing #trashybookbento:

Trashy #BookBento featuring The Fun City Girls

The book is the “fem lib” novel The Fun City Girls by Ruth Harris.

Still life also includes:

  • A wasabi-flavored Kit Kat.
  • An audio cassette of the legendary, all-girl hair metal band Vixen.
  • A Gemma Flack Aries sticker.
  • A pink lemonade-flavored Lip Smacker that is probably older than most of the folks on Instagram. #classic #germs
  • My favorite cheap sunglasses from Target.

I think this collection of items perfectly captures the spirit of the book…a kinda tacky, but fierce (for its time) confection.

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I love everything about this. More plz!!


I love your #trashybookbento! I didn’t know this was a thing, but I totally want to try it now.