Trashy Paperback Tuesday: Magic Seeds – No!

By Kerry

Beanstalk by John Rackham

Book Title: Beanstalk

Author: John Rackham

Year Published: 1973

Tagline: Magic Seeds – NO! Galactic History – YES!

The Elevator Pitch: It’s Jack & the Beanstalk…but in space! With nudity!

158 pages of teeny, tiny type. Even in less than 200 pages, this book manages to give excruciatingly detailed descriptions of pretty much everyone and everything. In fact, [SPOILER ALERT] Jack doesn’t go up that (space!) beanstalk until page 46.

If you are familiar with the fairytale of Jack & the Beanstalk then you know what happens in this book – the exceptions being that an alien builds the beanstalk to get to a space station, and the magic harp from the original story has been replaced by a naked lady in a cage. Did I mention that the naked lady is also a famous singer and (space!) prostitute?

We also get to marvel along with Jack as he first enters the alien spaceship:

But after a moment to adjust to the dimmer, different light, he saw that the “ship” was very much bigger inside than seemed possible from a distant view.

Bigger on the inside you say? Amazing!

This was actually pretty good, all things considered. But, I also watch “Once Upon a Time” – so I think we all know where my taste level is.

What are you guys reading this week?

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Oh wow! That is some cover! I’m actually tempted to read it now. Cheesy fairy tale retellings are right up my alley. (I watch Once Upon a Time too.)

This week, I’m finally reading Jurassic Park. I was shocked that dinosaurs don’t start eating people until after page 200, though. I had much higher expectations for the amount of dinosaur-related violence that would be in the book.


I don’t know what is more amazing, that cover or the fact that the heroine is a “space prostitute.”