Will you be my retro Valentine?

By Kerry

Better Homes and Gardens

All images scanned from Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Decorations You Can Make © Meredith Corporation, 1974

Planning a “junior miss” Valentine’s Day Party? Better Homes and Gardens have got you covered! In case you are concerned that these party ideas will not be “girlie” enough for your junior miss, rest assured that the word dainty was used 3 times on one page.

Right up front, I love this quote:

“St. Valentine’s Day is the most sentimental of all holidays. It brings to mind traditional, dainty flowers, birds, ribbons, paper lace – and an endearing message. Or, it could be a spoof on the old familiar theme – a comic valentine that lampoons the recipient.”

A spoof on the familiar theme? Lampoons the recipient? Oh, Better Homes and Gardens, you are OUTRAGEOUS!

I should disclose that one of these ideas is very clever. The heart shaped placemats are actually unstuffed pillows that the guests can stuff and finish sewing after they eat. This idea appeals to my inner craft geek. Though, I worry that they would get food stains on them during the meal…since they’re being used as placemats.

The centerpiece is made of hair bows, because…girls love nothing more than hair bows, amiright?

Our friends at Better Homes and Gardens don’t include any recipes, but the do give a suggested menu. Keep in mind, this is a party for teenagers.

    Soup Course: Clam, cheese, or corn chowder; vichyssoise; or creamed broccoli or asparagus soup. For teenagers. Teens love vichyssoise.
    Sandwiches: These need to be “of the dainty variety.” Seriously. It is recommended that you serve a frosted sandwich loaf (frosted in pink-tinted cream cheese, of course). Not familiar with the ol’ sandwich loaf? See the frightening photographs here.
    Dessert: Heart shaped cake with pale pink icing. So, dainty!
    Punch: Red fruit punch, because monochromatic meals are the most appetizing.

So, any big (or dainty) plans for Valentine’s Day? Do you prefer endearing valentines or comic valentines that lampoon the recipient?

I actually bought two copies of this book by accident (I know – how could I forget? So, the first person to comment below that they would like a copy can have it!


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Oh, I def want to be dainty! ‘Cept I’m not eating any sandwich loaf AND I have no idea what vichyssoise is…. <3