WIP Wednesday: Former Triumphs (Halloween Edition)

By Kerry

This week, I’m working on brainstorming holiday tutorial ideas for the Bugs and Fishes Crafty Christmas Tutorial Link-up! So, I don’t have any cool work in progress photos to share. If I could show you the inner workings of my brain, I would…really.

However, I did do a quick flip through past projects to see if I had anything seasonally appropriate (Halloween-y) to share – and I came up with two:


This was actually a collaboration between Glenn and me. He drew the Boris Karloff/Frankenstein’s Monster, and I transferred it onto the bag. Then, Glenn did most of the painting. So, when I say collaboration, What I really mean is Glenn did most of the work. But, I did make the two yo-yo pins, so…collaboration it is! This was another one of those Craftster swap projects from back in the day. I have very few finished craft projects that I’ve actually kept – is that common?

Vampire Cross stitch

This is another old Craftster piece! The vampire pattern is from NeedleNoodles.com – how cute is he?

That’s all I’ve got for this Wednesday! What are you guys working on this week?

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I love the bag! The colors look great!


Those are both awesome! :)